Sustainable Business Practices


  • First in packaging industry to convert company car fleet to hybrid vehicles
  • Energy Improvement Program focused on awareness and best practices in energy management
  • Facility “dashboards” for real-time tracking of energy usage and conservation practices
  • Implementing recycling partnership opportunities where viable
  • Waste reduction activities are pursued in all areas of our business


  • New energy-efficient molding machines; 50% energy savings over previous equipment
  • 40,000+ gallons of hydraulic fluid eliminated annually from waste stream
  • Corrugate is compacted and recycled
  • Oils, solvents and metal scrap are collected and recycled
  • Internal resin scrap is reground and reprocessed
  • Battery recycling program


  • Inks and colorants are free of heavy metals
  • All corrugate used contains a minimum 35% recycled content
  • Localized sourcing activities
  • Sustainable practices required of suppliers