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A guide to your eco-friendly options

In today’s socially-conscious society, we recognize that many companies prefer eco-friendly packaging.  In truth, today’s regulations are also moving in this direction. All materials leave a fingerprint on our planet. At Letica, we’re committed to developing and offering options that help ensure the highest quality packaging; ones that have the least amount of environmental impact without compromising product performance or aesthetics.

Some of our most recognized eco-friendly products are the patented, 100% all-plastic paint can, as well as our SmartPak family of source-reduced packaging.

Many materials can be recycled and products source reduced, offering excellent “green” solution approaches for eliminating waste from landfills. Some of the potential benefits associated with the use of recycled materials and source-reduced products include:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
  • Reduction of energy usage
  • Reduction of deforestation across land areas
  • Less materials in landfills which eliminates waste accumulation

Just look for the icons below when scrolling through our product portfolio to identify the sustainable characteristics of each product.


Source Reduced-01

Letica achieves source reduction through improvements in product design and in manufacturing. New lighter weight product designs reduce material usage without compromising performance while manufacturing improvements reduce scrap generated during the production process.


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Source Reduced Products 

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