Fit for Purpose Packaging

Revolutionizing the U.S. marketplace.

Innovating plastic packaging since its inception

Letica holds a special place for nearly 50-year specialty in packaging. From our first 5-gallon rigid container for sliced dill pickles in 1968 to multiple “Golden Pickle” awards today, we’ve retained your valued business through continuous innovation to meet your changing needs. Given our track record, we dominate the packaging industry and are the trusted “go-to” resource for today’s paint, gypsum, construction, janitorial and other industrial markets. Our packaging is also known well beyond, bakeries to club stores and from restaurants to home centers, there’s hardly a market where our containers aren’t used, including UN-certified containers for corrosive or otherwise hazardous materials.

Our line up of rigid containers include sizes ranging from 6 ounces to 7 gallons, come in multiple shapes, and are available with numerous options. From a variety of lids, fitments and gaskets to tamper-evident features, multiple colors and handle choices, our products are guaranteed to fit your purpose.

In addition, our source-reduced and recycled products offer a sustainable solution that is important to many companies today.

Your containers can be customized in a multitude of ways by our internal graphic design and printing team. Precision artwork and printing plates are created by one centralized specialty team and shipped to any manufacturing facility, meaning your company’s brand and color palette will be flawlessly replicated no matter where it’s printed.




UN Packaging