The Power of Dependability

Supporting your deliveries 24/7.

Our safety and on-time delivery are inseparable

With 48-state authority, 11 terminals coast to coast and our own dedicated driving team, Letica Freightlines charts 16 million miles a year.  We don’t just drive, we drive safely. Our rigorous driver training program, detailed maintenance schedule and commitment to safety as a personal and professional core value is why we have a stellar DOT rating and 30% of drivers with enough tenure to achieve 1-4 million miles of safe, accident-free driving.

Beyond delivering raw materials to our manufacturing plants, we transport your packaging and automation equipment orders, printing plates and decoration materials – or even your finished goods – through a strategic mix of 500 vehicles. This gives us the size and flexibility to complete your job efficiently and with a 99.6% or better on-time delivery rate. Fleet assets available include 130 state-of-the-art Freightliner Columbia Model automatic shift tractors, 300 53’ air ride trailers, and 70 hybrid vehicles. We also work with trailer on flat cars (rail), third-party trucks, customer private fleets and international shippers to bring delivery efficiencies to you in a multitude of transport modes.

At Letica Freightlines, we view ourselves as an essential part of your supply chain. Our aim is not only to provide delivery you can count on, but to contribute to your company’s business success.

Primary Routes & Backhaul Lanes

To provide you with exceptional delivery service, portions of Letica’s earnings were continually reinvested to create and expand Letica Freightlines. Possessing a private driving team, fleet and other resources gives us the ability and control needed for best-in-class transportation service, and differentiates us from other carriers.

Our terminals – with customer service reps and drivers local to each – were strategically located to minimize freight costs while optimizing service. Along with railways adjacent to every location this vast trucking network covers every U.S. major market, ensuring delivery of the raw materials needed to start your job on time, and “as promised” delivery of your order once done.

If your finished goods have an end destination that aligns with our routine shipping routes, Letica Freightlines may be able to transport it on your behalf. Hundreds/dozens of customers take advantage of our backhaul services and the added efficiencies of scale they bring. Our private driving team treats your load with the same high standards as ones coming direct from our plants. And their uniforms and professional manner will represent your company well, making a positive impression on the retailers or other business partners you serve.

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