The Power of Dependability

Dedicated drivers you can trust.

One of our most valued assets, and your direct liaison

We view our 150 driver associates as an integral part of Letica’s sales and service team. Delivering to customers on a repeat basis, our drivers become familiar with your product orders, business needs and employees – often developing trusted, loyal relationships as strong as our customer service representatives. As such, you may leverage drivers as direct liaisons back to your Letica sales and customer service team.

Our private fleet operates from 11 terminals with local drop yards and drivers, generating geographic efficiencies and knowledge that are mutually beneficial to our customers and us. They operate around the clock to meet your expectations and delivery times, hold safety as a personal value and come prepared with correct bills of lading to get shipments in the door smoothly. Our uniformed drivers also make a great impression on your company, as well as on your end customers to whom we may deliver on your behalf.

Aside from maintaining proper trucking credentials and a safe driving record, our drivers also undergo best-in-class standards training for on-time delivery, sustainability initiatives, product knowledge, personal appearance, and customer interaction and service. Collectively, we believe these aspects of our private driving team – and their ability to support your business needs – offers a distinguishable difference over that of other carriers.

Driving team

A close-knit driving team, networking cross country

Letica is a family business, and that family feel applies to our driving team as well. In fact, at 150 strong, our private fleet drivers are among the largest and most visible members. We value long-term relationships as evidenced by 96 collective years our driving team has logged with Letica. Driving roles take many forms including local drivers covering a 150 mile radius of their home base, over the road (OTR) drivers, and team drivers who can be on the move 24 hours a day.

Driver safety – and that of trucks, loads and other travelers on the road – is paramount. As such all drivers must maintain requisite trucking credentials and a safe driving record, undergo additional Letica standards training and our equipment adheres to mandatory maintenance schedules. Fulfilling these essentials is a top priority for anyone in our private fleet, and is a deal breaker for those who do not.

Dispatchers at corporate headquarters support our drivers 24/7. Much like our drivers, our dispatch team is an experienced group, each serving Letica for 6-20 years. They use social and electronic media to keep our drivers informed throughout the entire journey. We also keep our drivers in the loop on industry and Letica news through ongoing safety bulletins, a fleet team newsletter and letters from the general manager.

Driver Profile

Meet Dave Armstrong: Three million safe miles…and still going.

When Dave Armstrong’s friend got him a driving job at Letica, he didn’t over think the role, the company or how long he might be here. But 26 ½ years later, Dave and his wife had plenty of time to reflect during a cruise they received from Letica for reaching three million accident-free and ticket-free safe driving miles.

“Time just flew by,” Dave said, “And believe it or not, there are six other drivers with more seniority. In my opinion, there’s not a better driving job out there. You can make a home here.”

Dave began when Letica’s fledgling fleet was only 35 vehicles compared to today’s 500. He spent 16 years as an over-the-road driver supporting the Iowa manufacturing plant, and when he was ready for a change of pace he expressed interest in routes down south. When a position opened, Letica remembered his request and reassigned him to the Georgia plant where he has routinely run the Georgia-Florida route for a decade.

“Letica took an interest in me and is good at keeping its promise. They transferred me down south as I had hoped, and when I had a health issue they booked my schedule around my monthly doctor appointments.”

For drivers just entering the field, Dave encourages them to consider private fleets. His recommendation is to get your training and license, log a couple years of driving experience, and then try joining a fleet like Letica’s. It’s also important to enter with an open mind. Things aren’t perfect in any job. But if you do your best at representing your company well – and remembering that your customers have bad days too – then what goes around comes around.

“I have no complaints here. I like the work, the benefits, my employers at Letica and my customers. They know your name, treat you better and are more like family.”

Having developed good friends at Letica and at his customers, Dave plans to continue driving with Letica until his retirement.

“Come retirement time, I plan to drive back one last time to say goodbye to them all.”


Freightlines honors Dave Armstrong’s three million safe miles, which is tied for second highest in the company.

High standards. Few limits.

We view our drivers as a direct extension of our field team, and are just as selective in choosing them as we are choosing our sales and customer service reps. If you’re not intimidated by high standards and set schedules, then serving as a driver in Letica’s private fleet may be the right adventure for you.

Drivers in our private fleet are eligible for comprehensive benefits and compensation is among the best in the industry.

Some of the attributes we look for in our drivers are:

  • High professional standards
  • Discipline to adhere to strict time schedules
  • Safety-first attitude
  • Commitment to customers and Letica teammates (e.g., dispatchers, sales reps, CSRs, home office personnel)
  • Solid decision making skills and sense of responsibility
  • Ability to communicate clearly and respectfully
  • Comfort interacting with customers
  • Compliance with uniformed dress code
  • Care and concern for your load

Interested in joining our journey?

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  • Application
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Our merits go far beyond on-time delivery

In our line of work, being on time should be a given. So while we pride ourselves on a 99.6% or higher on-time delivery rate, we don’t stop there. We also go above and beyond in other areas to stay at the forefront of safety and shipping practices, community and environmental causes, cost savings initiatives and overall customer satisfaction.

Here’s a look at some of Letica Freightlines most notable efforts and achievements:

  • 30% of drivers tenured enough to attain 1-4 million miles of safe, accident-free driving
  • The highest rating given by the Department of Transportation (Satisfactory).
  • 90% Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA) rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • SmartWay® certified, and in the top quartile of SmartWay’s Fleet Benchmarking Profile based on emission metrics to reduce carbon footprint
  • 8-year active member of the National Private Truck Council
  • Community commendations for volunteer transportation services in times of national disaster
  • 99.6% or higher on-time delivery rate for the last 10 years
  • Regularly rated “excellent” on annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Implement support programs, such as pallet returns and reconfigured truck load pack outs, to help customers achieve cost savings and reductions in environmental material use and waste

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