The Power of Automation

Full circle support: from our hands to yours.

Technology backed by customer service

We believe that installation and education are just as important as the automated technology we provide. Installation must keep down time to a minimum, followed by consistently reliable performance. Operators need to fully understand the new system if maximum safety, performance and efficiencies are to be realized. That’s why we make these priorities.

Our typical installation involves coordinating with facility personnel around your production schedule. On-site supervision is provided by Leti-tech Services for all phases of the installation from initial set-up to final run-off. Our service integration team will verify that every detail is covered to ensure a smooth transition back to production.

Standard training begins at the Leti-tech Complex in Rochester, MI and includes all customer-allocated personnel required to service, maintain and run the automation. All aspects of your machine are reviewed from mechanical prints and stock list to hands-on training with our skilled automation engineers. Selected customer delegates also take part in the final run-off approval of the equipment.

Training extends to your plant associates during the installation phase and commissioning process. Leti-tech Services offers training for all your shifts to ensure production and maintenance personnel have been certified to operate your new or modified manufacturing equipment or process. Training concludes with a “Certification of Completion” letter and related documents outlining the mechanical, electrical and control components along with machine maintenance manuals for monthly, quarterly and yearly required maintenance.

As with all equipment, the option of having remote access to them is always available with our latest Ethernet technology. This feature allows for continuous review and training to support your future alterations or new operator interfacing remotely, with little or no programming experience.

Lastly, we conduct rolling plant audits every three months to gauge end-customer acceptance and satisfaction, to include follow-up adjustments if necessary. Our goal is to provide automation systems you’re pleased with far beyond the initial sale.