The Power of Automation

Reinvent what’s possible through automation.

Whether single workcell or full line, we’ve got ideas

Efficiency, speed, handling, waste, orientation and appearance. - these are the most common concerns we hear on the plant floor, and our automation engineers and certified mechanical and electrical experts can tackle them head on. Their specialized knowledge comes from decades of in-field work helping customers automate and optimize their operations, making them uniquely suited to do the same for you.

Our Leti-tech Solutions Report, prepared by our consulting team, outlines proposed processes, capital equipment and controls to optimize your operations. This report concludes with a budgetary summary for our automation team to bring items to fruition for you.

Their expertise is supported by continuous research in the latest technologies such as programmable logic control (PLC), human machine interfacing (HMI), servo technology and cutting-edge sensors to achieve peak equipment performance.

Whether you need to convert or modify an existing process or develop a brand new line, let us take a look. The list below provides a sampling of our most common areas of focus – with the ability to integrate these processes accordingly.

  1. Packaging Automation
    • Lid – including lid placing and closures whether automatic or semi-automatic
    • Container – including denesting, stacking and palletizing
  2. Assembly – including fill lines, sanitation, conveyor systems and part identification
  3. Warehouse/inventory – including handling and storage practices, conveyors, automatic guided vehicle systems (AGVs) and banding/wrapping


Inspection & Testing

All automated systems, equipment and controls built undergo intense inspection and testing at the Leti-tech Complex in Rochester Hills, MI. Processes are validated under repetitive and stressful conditions typically seen in the field. This results in automated solutions that are safe and reliable, day in and day out, for optimal uptime and other operational efficiencies.

The majority of our automated solutions are built on site at Leti-tech, and what we don’t build we oversee the design and coordinate commissioning – straight through to installation and training.

You’re welcome to visit the Leti-tech Complex to see your project progress in real time. Our Leti-tech team and the advantages they bring are unique differentiators that we invite you to explore.