The Power of Automation

Our automation engineers design and build custom packaging equipment to improve your manufacturing processes.

Take your business to the next level with Leti-tech Services

Letica is unique in that we don’t just create innovative packaging. Our in-house automation engineers design and build custom post molding processes from robotics to assembly cells to material handling, and implement them at Letica facilities nationwide. We offer this expertise in technical operations and special machine implementation to our customers as well, beginning with a process and packaging performance evaluation from Leti-tech Services.

Leti-tech Services has decades of in-field customer interaction, resulting in a thorough understanding of production, fill and packaging lines across a variety of industries and products. Leveraging our brain trust and resources reduces the time required to generate and implement a comprehensive solution that meets your specifications, with little to no effort on your end. Whether managing pre-qualified original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or building your requirements and equipment internally through Leti-tech Services, our engineering team is ready to deliver solutions straight to your floor and oversee installation and training to provide full customer satisfaction.

Customer benefits are many. Our solutions address ergonomics, workflow, cost savings and efficiency gains. More specific examples are optimizing entire filling lines from denesting to palletizing, or refurbishment of dated capital assets. Regardless of how your operations are looking to grow, we hope you’ll tap into Leti-tech Services to bring your process to life and ensure a smooth transition into the future.

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