The Power of Innovation

Transforming technical specs into creative packaging solutions.

Elevating fit and function into value-added designs

In Letica’s Creativity Suite we design for success. Too often, people settle with packaging they have simply because they don’t have time to address it. This is where we can help. Letica has earned more than 50 patents and is providing hundreds of unique packaging solutions to customers every day.

Our marketing and design engineering experts thrive on redefining what’s possible in order to optimize package performance, cost savings or other benefits. Whether designing a brand new solution or a critical refinement to an existing package, our Creativity Suite acts quickly to get you back in action. These highly-functional designs can also be customized through our Graphic Services to proudly and accurately represent your brand.

Throughout the entire process our Creativity Suite acts as a natural extension to your team; even serving as regular participants in your standing meetings. Here’s a look at our collaborative product development process used to generate designs that deliver added value to you and your end users.

Product Innovation Process

Research & Competitive Benchmarking – After hearing your challenges and goals, we take a 360° look at the current landscape. Our research examines your current offerings, competitive and industry benchmarking, ground-breaking market trends, and key consumer attributes such as social demographics and consumer behavior. These metrics provide a solid foundation for the Concept Ideation exercise.

Concept Ideation – This stage is all about discovering the possibilities. Here we explore and exchange ideas not just about strategic design but also initial thoughts on the science to back it up such as potential raw materials, weight implications and other special considerations. Based on this, we write a Design Brief to capture your requirements for consensus and commitment by all parties. We then bring this roadmap to life in subsequent steps.

Product Design – Our CAD design experts transform concept ideation into 3D designs to better determine viability of various ideas and refine technical details. It is here where precise engineering specifications are blended with user-friendly ergonomics and styling to bring concepts to life.

Design Validation & SLA/Rapid Prototyping – Design validation includes product design/CAD reviews with customers, benchmarking and fit for purpose analysis. Once finalized, we use stereolithography (SLA) to convert our CAD design into a 3D prototype virtually overnight, for further analysis by the customer and Creativity Suite design team.

Tooling – Our in-house mold makers and tool & die journeymen give us the ability to manufacture prototype tooling to validate design concepts. Prototype tooling is used to validate fit and function and can provide samples for a trial run at the customer’s site. Upon validation we seamlessly transition into full scale tooling for production manufacturing.

Product Validation – The final step is rigorous testing to validate product safety and ensure it performs as expected under a variety of repetitive or stressful conditions that may be encountered in “real life.” These include compression testing, drop testing, temperature exposures and many more.

Leti-tech Services – Looking at the bigger picture, our Creativity Suite engineers work seamlessly with our Leti-tech Services automation team to design and engineer processes and equipment to maximize efficiencies in your facility.