The Power of Innovation

Functional designs backed by quality, performance and safety.

Process controls ensure products deliver on all fronts

While our exceptional designs may steal the spotlight, it’s the quality behind the design that’s the real cornerstone to success. It’s not enough to look good, or even to meet specifications. Rather the product must survive rigorous performance and functional testing to prove the product will perform reliably for you, time and time again.

Our engineering and quality teams oversee the Product Development process at Leti-tech, our advanced technology center located in our corporate headquarters complex. The quality team tests the product to the extreme application limits to simulate performance in the field. This information gives the design team instant performance feedback so product design can be refined as needed or proceed to the next level as expediently as possible – getting your product to market sooner.

With this vigilant team and process, we always aim to deliver the confidence and satisfaction that you, your business partners and end users expect.

Engineering Highlights:

  • More than 50 design patents
  • Hundreds of unique customer design solutions
  • Design awards from independent organizations
  • 120 collective years of design expertise
  • Long-term membership in national/global Engineering and Quality organizations such as Industrial Designers Society of America, Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), and Plastic Shipping Containers Institute (PSCI)
  • Design, build and field support for automation equipment for our customers’ fill lines.

Product Testing & QC

Our product designs are fully evaluated before being released to market to ensure their safety, quality and performance meet the high standards of Letica Corporation, industry associations and national quality organizations. Here’s a look at some of the tough handling and intense scrutiny our products undergo.

While we test onsite, some products are additionally certified by independent third-parties such as UN packaging for hazardous contents.

Product Testing and Quality Highlights:

  • Dimensional inspection of product with full Metrology Lab
  • Drop testing of containers with:
    • Dry goods
    • Thick and thin liquids
    • Frozen contents
  • Compression testing
  • Impact testing
  • Material testing (density and melt index)
  • Environmental cycling - Temperature exposures; from freezing to melting
  • Accelerated environmental stress cracking
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Hot fill and invert testing for food containers
  • Walk-in heat chamber and freezers
  • Overhead stack testing
  • Repetitive use testing to see how the product will perform in customer fill lines or other automated processes (link to Leti-tech Services)
  • ISO compliant quality systems