The Power of Innovation

Our engineers design custom, ergonomic products to deliver safe and consistently reliable performance to you and your customers.

Customer inspired. Letica engineered.

Innovating fresh and distinctive designs has been our passion since our inception as an engineering firm a half century ago. Fit and function come first in our world because we know they’re pivotal to the success of your products. Our designs are engineered to deliver safe and consistently reliable product performance, blended with the user-friendly ergonomics you need and aesthetics you enjoy. The result is packaging that you and your customers can trust to perform.

Our robust engineering design team can do it all, leaving you free to focus on your product; the contents. Whether creating a custom package from scratch or re-engineering an existing one to meet your needs, we’re up to the task. The benefits and efficiencies gained by rethinking design possibilities – in even the simplest item – may leave you pleasantly surprised. So whether your project is inspired by you or mandated by outside forces, you can look to us for ingenuity and support.

Packaging is the first thing with which you and your customers interact. It’s critical to identifying and differentiating your brand, and it’s a key factor in user satisfaction. When done well it can transcend practical purposes, generating deeper emotional connections and positive experiences that create loyal purchasers of your product. Uniting people with products in this manner is experiencing The Power of Packaging®, and we would like the opportunity to bring this advantage to your business.

Product Design

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